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Reflection on my research drawing class from Grade 4 student participant.

My time with Miss Loretta
Over the last 3 months I had with Miss Loretta were enjoyable. We also did shape grammars, drew tree houses, trees, and tessellations that were cool. She taught us to do the insides of bee hives. It was tricky! but I got the hang of it. Miss Loretta's goal was to get her Phd. She taught us to draw birds. Mine was an American Redstart. My favourite shape grammar was the tessellations shape grammar. It was fun! When I drew my tree house I had a lot of rooms, 32 to be exact! It was by the beach. She taught us geometry like how to draw trapezoids, squares, triangles, rhombus, rectangles, cubes, and a pyramid. She also taught us about the horizon line is when the sky meets the ground. I loved my time with miss Loretta
by: 'redacted'